It is the good memories that we always carry with us whenever we attend an event, travel, hang out with friends among other activities of our lives. They warm us up. They keep us smiling. The NBA All-Star Weekend achieved just that- good memories.


The winning second

At the top of our list is the second that led to team LeBron’s win. LeBron and Durant led their team to victory when they locked down Stephen Curry. Stopping Curry’s shot was an achievement in an All-Star Weekend on its own.


Gianni Antetokounmpo block

Gianni’s classic move blocked team Curry’s shot in what was a classic but appalling move. A move that cost Curry’s team three points!


The Just Like Daddy Moment

Relieving his father’s moments, Larry Nance Jr. had a double-tap dunk moment that was nothing but stunning. Wearing his retired father’s number 22, Larry paid tribute to the former Cleveland Cavalier, Larry Nance’s NBA dunk of 1984.

And just like that, the All-Star Weekend relieved a father-son moment of all time!


Victor Oladipo’s dancing moment

If you thought he is just getting better at the court you were wrong. Victor showed his dancing prowess during the All-Star Weekend media day when he joined the cheerleading team dancing to Bell Biv DeVoe’s -Poison


LeBron’s and Kyrie’s laughing moment

There are moments you see people laugh and you know they are genuinely happy. When you witness that moment you also can’t help yourself from smiling. LeBron’s and Kyrie’s laughing moment at the All-Star Weekend will melt your heart.



What was your favorite moment?? Comment Bellow =)